I'm Faycal Kilali.
Computer Scientist,
Data Scientist,
Dual Honours Student.

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Come get to know me!

I reside in Canada and am willing to relocate for my ambitions. I'm currently a Dual major in Computer Science & Mathematics, pursuing honours in both. I've made several massively successful projects in the past, to name some of them:
Floris Evolved for M&B as a co-founder, developer and manager with over 600,000 distinct viewers and currently more than 150,000 distinct active subscribers.
Medieval Conquests for M&B as a Founder, Lead developer, community manager with over half a million distinct viewers and more than a 120,000 in aggregate, unique subscribers. This project involved hiring over a 100 volunteers to assist with the works.
I'm also keen into adapting some of the propositions I've worked on into algorithms as am well aware of the intersection between Computer Science and Mathematics when it comes to maximizing efficiency. Due to my interest in Mathematics, I've proven over 600 mathematical propositions as exercises across textbooks before starting University, further improving my ability to self learn challenging concepts.
I strive towards excellence through taking on new challenges rather than staying within my circle of comfort, for the best way to learn is to expose yourself to new experiences.


Profesional Skills

I have a heavy interest in creating efficient works, proving propositions deductively, and improving upon my skills in whichever way possible.

Machine Learning
Linux & Unix
Abstract Data Types & Data Structures
Formal Logic
Embedded Systems Design & Implementation


01 / 2023 - 07 / 2023
Technical Lead for the Dorchester Moving Forward Co-Operative organization.

2023 - Present
Peer Tutor on payroll for Mount Allison University

2023 - Present
Founder & President of the Robotics & AI Society in Mount Allison University.

2023 - Present
Vice Preisdent of the Mature Student Club in Mount Allison University.


Medieval Conquests

Medieval Conquests

Medieval Conquests is a Medieval Ages complete overhaul for the Mount & Blade: Warband, this modification takes you back to the 13th century with a fresh new campaign and an improved networking code re-structure for viable co-operative gaming. From this point on the player and the computer lords shape the land and fight for supremacy and control of the continent in a political landscape full of intrigue and supremacy.

Floris Evolved

Floris Evolved

As co-founder and developer of Floris Evolved, a major overhaul for the game "Mount & Blade: Warband," I played a critical role in transforming the original game into a new and exciting experience. With 160,000+ active unique subscribers on Steam and 600,000 distinct visitors and overwhelmingly positive ratings, the project was a resounding success.

Tainted Paths

Tainted Paths

Tainted Paths is a full game modification of Mount & Blade: Warband written with over 100000 lines of custom code, custom assets as well as a vision for a more fun and intense experience, it attempts to provide you with a fun and unique large scale experience as well as a captivating story that is shaped by you, the player. From swords and chainmails to muskets and plate armours you will be able to fight and conquer in multiple time periods and across multiple continents.


Expanded Avatar Hand Interactions (EAHI)

EAHI stands for Expanded Avatar Hand Interactions. EA is a framework established by Faycal Kilali with the goal of expanding the functionality of avatars within Virtual Reality software.


To get in touch, please email me at [email protected].